GORI exists for the elegant young woman who wants to feel confident, proud, and enjoy an ethnic look and we believe Elegance should not be expensive. As a result, we are on a mission to make luxury designer ethnic clothing more elegant, accessible, royal, and affordable for ladies such as you.

GORI is obsessed with trends. Our luxurious collections are selected with a blend of  current design, elegance, and a deep legacy in mind, and we provide “can’t-live-without” pieces with necessary wardrobe staples.

We guarantee that your entire purchasing experience will be pleasant, entertaining, and memorable.Gori is a culture and every elegant, bold young woman is a part of it. if you are seeing this, you are part of it as well.


Do everything possible to make designer apparel more elegant, affordable, and accessible to women, while also enhancing the shopping experience and convenience.

Giving access to Elegancy & Pride to every young woman.


Giving Elegant luxurious designer ethnic clothing access to every woman through websites and retail outlets across the country.

A place where women can get that elegant, confident look without breaking the bank.

A place where women don’t have to suffer from lack of elegancy, confidence, and pride, where Luxurious designer ethnic charm will be accessible, and affordable, and the experience will be entertaining & enjoyable. (women don’t want to leave gori)

Where the experience will be entertaining and convenient.

There will be many GORI’s across the country which will be creating a reliable & enjoyable company to work with as an employee and to get served from as a customer.


Being a manufacturer with the name of GORI Suits  based out of textile hub surat for more than 20 years. There were many requests being made regarding single pieces the customer would want from our manufacturing outlet.

This was becoming increasingly common at the time.

And when Gaurav’s (Founder) friends and family peers wanted to buy designer women’s apparel with that elegant yet modern taste, they couldn’t find it anywhere, and if they did, the prices were outrageously high!

Because the majority of them were retailers who purchased from traders, who then purchased from wholesalers, who then purchased from manufacturers.

Retail customers eventually had to pay for the unnecessary markup.

Gaurav, our founder, saw the customer’s pain and wanted to fill in the gap by offering single pieces directly to the consumer. The GORI was born, and the rest is history.

Outlet 1

  • Address: 4/2327, Talavdi, Vania Sheri, Near RKTM, Surat, Gujarat 395003
  • 7487908893

Outlet 2

  • Address: 301, Orbit tower, Near petrol pump, shahra darwaja, Ringroad, Surat 395003

Outlet 3 (Coming Soon)

  • Address: Ground floor, Orbit tower, Near petrol pump, shahra darwaja, Ringroad, Surat 395003